10 Places to Shop in Norwich: A blog about the best shops with gifts of unique and Useful Products.

A place of great culture, festivals, and events, but also a place that has beautiful architecture and history. This is why it has become a popular tourism destination. Shopping might not feel like such an important part of this history, but with many people coming to Norwich for the many Christmas markets or even just to walk around the city’s shopping area where all the major brands are available, a lot of people will also be thinking what gifts they can buy for their friends and family members. For inspiration here are 10 places to shop in Norwich when you need some ideas.

In the Lanes

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1.  The Plant Den 

There are two reasons I like the Plant Den. The first is that they never produce ordinary houseplants. They desire to celebrate rare and unusual species by bringing you unique specimens, knowledgeable advice and interesting facts about these unusual plants. 

Rare and unusual doesn’t always mean bad. Sometimes it means excellent! These guys care about their customers and their reputation. They are committed to offering only clean, healthy plants from reliable sources.




Photo from Norwich Art Shop

2. Norwich Art Shop

Norwich Art Shop is an art shop and gallery on Upper St Giles where you can browse or choose some affordable original artwork and prints to buy from 20+ local artists.

The focus is on contemporary British art and design which is often inspired by the people and places around us. As well as selling local artists’ work, we also help local people by offering a gallery space where people can display their work for a small charge, showing off their local artists




If you are for a Sweet Treats go to

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3. Montezuma’s Chocolates

Montezuma’s is a family-owned, British chocolate company and has rapidly built a reputation for producing some of the finest and most innovative chocolate available in the UK. When they set out to make chocolate for the British market we knew that they will deliver something that was going to blow people away – something that would make them feel different, that they would crave. And that’s exactly what has happened.









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4. Bread Source

While most bread companies focus on developing new products and increasing sales through fresh products, Bread Source takes a different approach. Bread Source has created a lifestyle brand centred on creating artisan breads using traditional methods while also sourcing local products whenever possible.

“We are ferociously passionate about every single detail involved in crafting each and every loaf. From sourcing the grain to working with farmers, milling the flour and the numerous processes of developing the perfect dough – each of the steps taken to form part of our end product.” – Bread Source




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5 . Sundaes Gelato Norwich

CafeGelato is a traditional Italian dessert made from which usually small amounts of honey or fruit is added. It is not only highly encouraged to bring some home for free during the summer months, but it is also a great treat when feeling especially celebratory! We’re really excited and recommend you to go with local providers and try out the best gelatos in the UK!





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6. Norwich Market

The beautiful and heart-warming Norwich Market is a must-see. The market is open every Monday to Saturday from 8 am – 5 pm. It is located right in the city centre next to the Forum.

At this market as there are so many different types of stalls exhibiting different foods and souvenirs from all over the world. Some of the most popular are jewellery stalls where you can buy beautiful bracelets, necklaces and necklaces from all over the world – especially India.

There are also vegetable and fruit stalls selling healthy food and prepared food such as kebabs, falafels and Chinese. It is no exaggeration to say this is the best market in the country to discover.


For the most Unique Finds

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7. Museum shop for The South Asia Collection

A visit to Norwich is often an opportunity to see something new and different. Norwich may be on the map as the tourism capital of the UK but it is also home to some fascinating galleries, historical sights, and vibrant new shops.

The South Asia collection museum is a must-visit place when in the city and provides an engaging insight into the cultures of several countries and peoples.





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8. Aladdin’s Cave

In Aladdin’s Cave, you will find a wide range of antiques, collectables and curiosities that will astound you with their quality and value. The shop also stocks a large variety of souvenirs, clothing, jewellery, accessories and homeware that will add to your collection.

If you are interested in antiques this is your place to explore, discover and buy. You can buy antiques and collectables just like in the old days when people used to bring home beautiful pieces from all over the world.





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9. Sonkai

Sonkai, the latest small press from Creative Loafing, is producing unique handmade pieces that are sold from the shop in Norwich. They focus on producing beautiful and thoughtful objects which are as much about emotion as design.

Craft and commerce are both part of the fabric of our society. Sonkai want’s to celebrate these two things and bring attention to the small businesses that are making a difference in our world. Born out of a love for fine jewelry.







Photo from Looses Emporium

10. Looses Emporium

Looses Emporium is a clothing boutique where you can buy unique and trendy items from vintage to modern design, antiques and collectables, as well as scarves, bags, knitted items, and much more. Antiques, vintage clothing, and accessories are always popular with customers, as they tend to be well cared for.

People who want to buy vintage clothing or modern design clothing often try to bargain with sellers in order to get deals on clothes that they might not be able to wear at the moment but would love to have if they ever plan to go shopping.



Make a Day of it

All that shopping is bound to get a little tiring after a while. Take the weight off your feet with a coffee break or sit down for lunch.

Grab some tasty fish and chips from Grosvenor Fish Bar to take away, pick up an award-winning drink from Strangers Coffee or sit out in the sunshine at Saporita’s or Giggling Squid – You will not regret it.

Make a Stay of it

With so much to see and do, we don’t blame you if you want to take advantage of everything the city has to offer by extending your stay.

Take a look at what Ginger and Gold have on offer and book a short stay now.


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