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4 Things for Couples to Do in Norfolk on Valentines Day

February 14th is one of the most special days in the year. Love is in the air; flower shops are empty and restaurants are bubbling with red love shaped balloons. Of course, you and partner would want to experience all the bliss, romance and tears of joy that comes with being together on valentine’s day.  

This special day means, everyone who has a partner is looking to create that perfect valentine experience for their moon and stars. If you do find yourself in Norfolk with your better half on this precious day, there are 4 amazing things you have to try!   

Have Dinner at a Local Restaurant

Image Credit: The Old Bank 

Dinner at Norfolk is not like your regular restaurant visits. While you breath in the relaxing air with your date, treat yourself to something new by trying the local cuisines.

If you’re a local then you already know that the Cromer Crab is a must have! This is one of Norfolk’s most popular dishes, it may look like other crabs but trust us when we say it tastes spectacularly different!   

Who says you can only have great turkey at thanksgiving, well not at Norfolk!  The Norfolk black turkey is a must taste staple, of course add a bottle of fine wine and you’ll have yourself the finest valentine dinner ever. 

The top local restaurants/pubs in Norfolk you can visit include; Ribs of Beef (AKA the Norwich City favorite local). The Old Bank; old indeed with its ancient exterior, it gives extra romantic vibes.  


Norfolk Paddleboards  

If you think dinner at a restaurant is cliché, then you might love this idea. Suit up (not literally) and prepare yourself for the most romantic experience.

Take a trip through the riverside down Norwich and enjoy the scenery, paddle slowly and stare at the glowing the face of your partner. Norfolk Paddle Boards will give you all the training and equipment necessary to have a swell time. 

If you’re not into paddling but the water calls out to you for a romantic evening then try out the Wroxham Boat Hire. Carry a picnic, sit on the river bank and chill while the sun bathes your skin. What’s more romantic than feeding the ducks together?  


Take a Walk and Enjoy the Scenery 

Image Credit: Norwich Cathedral

After a romantic dinner, take a walk round the beautiful cobbled streets of Norwich, enjoy the artistic North Norfolk coastline and talk about the one million things you love about your partners eyes.  

The Norwich cathedral is there to serve as a picturesque backdrop and the Gregorian Houses will make everything feel surreal.

Taking walks have been the sweetest thing since the onset of romantic occurrences, you can never go wrong with it. It’s a great way to conclude the special valentine’s day.  


Go Bowling  

Image Credit: Bowling House 

Yes, you read that right! It may not be your first option but trust us when we say The Bowling House Norwich has the complete valentine package. From the beautiful restaurant, to the karaoke room and the bowling alley, you will have a full night of absolute fun.  

Enjoy a peaceful dinner, then stroll to the bowling alley and have raw undiluted fun. When you’re done hitting the pins, go sing your soul out at karaoke. Nothing screams romantic like a well-planned night; you know your partner will fall even deeper in love. 


If you have plans to spend valentines in Norfolk, we have great news! You can’t get the full Norfolk experience without spending an entire day or two. Check out our accommodation choices for peak comfortability and beautiful scenery at the heart of Norfolk.  

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