Five of the Best Carp Fishing Lakes You Can Find In Norfolk, UK

Norfolk is the mecca of specimen carp fishing (as of mouth-watering fish ‘n’ chips).

You’d encounter lakes in every direction with abounding stocks surrounded by daring folks. And landing on the right bank can drain your holiday break.

Following are the five top-rated lakes near Norwich to go hunting a giant carp.

So, have you planned a fishing holiday to ‘Venice of the East? If so, our luxurious properties in and around Norwich with copious countryside scenery are waiting to serve you.

Hang on to your hats, fishers – we’re unfolding our not-so-secret carp lakes!


Airfield Lakes
Photo from Carpology

Airfield Lakes

Distance from Norwich: 20 miles south

Airfield Fishery is located below the town of Diss, just off the A140. It is only accessible on weekly bookings that can put a dent in your tight budget.

However, it’s the best spot with uniform depth if you’re pursuing stubborn carp. Speaking of Mustang Lake, you can even catch over a 50lb specimen. Plus 95% of all species belong to the twenties and thirties.



Fishing Centre
Photo from Visit East of England

Catch 22 Fishing Centre

Distance from Norwich: 12 miles northwest

Catch 22 lets you taste open waters fishing in a protected lake full of 2000+ commons. It also contains bream and pike, but you can angle for carp only by using boilie baits.

The main lake is sold on day tickets. However, advance booking will get you a perfect island peg. Also, it features toilets, shelves, sanitization tanks, and clean water facilities.



Homersfield Lake
Photo from Homersfieldlake

Homersfield Lake

Distance from Norwich: 19 miles south

The most prolific fishery in the UK lies on the River Waveney, away from the bustling ordeals. You can expect mirror and common carps ranging from 20lb to 50lb. And the country’s 100lb record catfish was born here as well.

This lake is a tranquil and mood-nourishing site for serious anglers; that’s why members-only! If it fascinates you, grab full-year membership right now!



Narborough Fisheries
Photo from Pitchup

Narborough Fisheries

Distance from Norwich: 35 miles west

Narborough Fisheries is the farthest point in our directory and at the distance of a 40-minute drive from Norwich. This enclave of coarse fishing brings swarms of rodmen on isolated western pastures.

It consists of five lakes: two trout paradise, two mixed, and a specimen carp lake. The all-time favourite – Millers Lake – is a compact venue to spice up your carp hunting finesse. These fisheries are also affordable, starting from £9 per ticket.



Waveney Valley Lakes
Photo from Youtube Carp Castle Channel

Waveney Valley Lakes

Distance from Norwich: 20 miles south

Wortwell boats a mystic carp fishing spot in staggering Waveney valley further south of Homersfield. It is a group of a dozen lakes, out of whom only three are available for outsiders.

Kingfisher Pool invites pleasure anglers to spot crucian carp. Marsh and Heartsmere lakes, on the other hand, are professional avenues with species tipping the scales at 70lb. In addition, the 100-acre ocean pit is a motordrome for fishing enthusiasts.




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