Free Activities in Norfolk for Couples

Norfolk is a huge county Which houses the most romantic city in the UK. From sightseeing to great restaurants and the endless romantic scenery, there are so many reasons why Norfolk is a couple’s haven.  

Sometimes it’s great to think outside the box and try something different with your better half. A great time is not always tied to earthquake size funds so cross your fingers and let’s take you on a ride. 

If you’re on a budget then this blog is perfect for you, we’ve got you covered. In Norfolk, you can never go bored, with or without funds. The list is not arranged in any particular order so, you can be as spontaneous as the wind. 

Take a City Stroll 

City Stroll 
Image credit: VisitNorwich  

Since the beginning of time, strolls have been a great way to bond and enjoy the company of your partner. Find out new things you’ll love about your better half, and grow deeper in love as you stroll through the Chapel field Gardens.  

The beautiful garden is complete with a bandstand and playgrounds, when you get tired of walking you can sit down and chill. No one owns the riverside in this scenario, enjoy the peaceful scenery of the Norwich riverside, feed the ducks, and relax by the water’s edge when you get tired.  


Visit the Cathedrals 

Image credit: Visit Norwich  

Norwich is home to two stunning cathedrals and thankfully you don’t have to spend a penny to have a great time. The medieval roofs and stained glass are a sight to behold.

If you need a serene place to enjoy the company of your sweetheart, then the Norwich cathedral and the St. John’s cathedral will do that desired justice.   

Oh, lest we forget, the cathedrals are perfect for stunning couple photos on the gram. Enjoy the stunning ancient architecture, without breaking the bank.  


Sip Tea and get lost in the Plantation Garden 

Image credit: Greater Anglia 

 Locals love it and tourists love it too. The plantation garden is an ancient English heritage for good reason; the flower beds, the tranquil lawns, medieval terrace walls, and the walkways.  

The plantation is located perfectly in the city center. People call it the ‘Secret Garden’ because of how big, yet so hidden it is. The garden is even more exciting because of its gothic water fountains.

It reminds me of an ancient Victorian scene from Pride and Prejudice. We are certain you’ll have a surreal time with your partner. (P.S: The plantation Garden charges everyone a 2 Euro compulsory donation).  


Check out some of Norfolk’s Finest Museums  

Norfolk's Finest Museums
Image credit: Norfolk Museums 

History and art are presented to you on a platter. If you’re looking to do something unique and thoughtful then you should visit Norfolk’s free museums.

The Straw Museum, Henry Blogg Museum, Diss Museum, and the Fakenham Museum of Gas and local history.  

Although these museums aren’t your regular museums, you can have a great time by seeing things that are appreciated in history.


You’re going to love the visit, especially when you go as a couple. It will help you understand the different views you and your partner have about things.  

You can enjoy the magnificent county that is Norfolk with a budget and without one. Whatever it is you came here with we have just what you need. Our budget-friendly and chill accommodation is perfect for you and your partner after a wonderful day out.  

Our range of private spaces at the heart of Norfolk will be the highlight of your stay. Planning a Norwich getaway? We’ve got you covered, book us now!  















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