This Norwich Restaurant will make you a better Romantic.

Photo from Italia Nostra

Italia Nostra is an excellent romantic restaurant in Norwich, which has a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. It is located in a heart of Norwich city centre with walking distance to all other attractions.

In my opinion, romantic restaurants need to have a certain character which can only be achieved by having a small group of people who come together to have a good time. Therefore I would’ve had a taste of Italy on my first visit here, following which I would’ve wanted to come back more frequently.

Photo from Italia Nostra


It gives the people who come here the feeling that there are no in-jokes and that they are just friends enjoying one of their special days. The place is very cosy and has a lovely atmosphere, which is not at all typical for a restaurant in Norwich.

On a visit, you will discover that this atmosphere is a big reason why tourists keep coming back to this special place. You can enjoy your meal in an atmosphere that is different from that found in other restaurants. You have to visit and experience it yourself.

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