Top 3 City Centre places to see

Norwich Castle 

The Castle is a nostalgic centre places for us to visit, a place where our parents, grandparents, and schools treat us to a trip.

It’s an iconic building in Norwich, recognised by all. The exterior is breathtaking. It’s a big castle with a nice little garden downstairs.

In fact, it is a large, charming museum with a lot of themes.

There are stuffed animals, with little games for the children (guessing the animal by touching, guessing the animal by smelling, and guessing the animal by listening), an excellent activity for children’s senses.

There is currently work being done inside the castle, and its new features are set to be debuted soon. You can also view rooms with paintings, history (Nazism), pottery, and Egyptian sarcophagi.

It was founded in the aftermath of the Norman conquest of England when William the Conqueror ordered its construction because he wished to have a fortified centre places in Norwich’s important city. It proved to be his only castle in East Anglia. It is one of the Norwich 12 heritage sites.

In 1894 Norwich Castle opened as a museum. It displayed the collections of the earlier Norfolk and Norwich Museum, which had occupied various sites in the city since 1825, alongside selections from benefactors.

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Norwich Cathedral

Norwich’s brilliant Romanesque Cathedral is open to visitors of all faiths and none.

Set in 44 acres of glorious grounds (recognised locally as the ‘village within the city), a welcoming building stands with spectacular architecture, magnificent art, and fascinating history. It has the second-tallest spire and largest monastic cloisters in England.

The cathedral houses more than a thousand beautiful medieval roof boss sculptures.

This is a delightful cathedral with many unique features and wonderful stained-glass windows from various periods, old and new.

The atmosphere is peaceful and calming, perfect for a stroll. There is currently a one-way system in place due to COVID, which does restrict access to some areas but little diminishes overall experience.

We recommend taking the extra time to walk around the cloisters as well.

The refectory cafe is also great – tasty food and good service at reasonable prices.

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Norwich Market 

Situated in the heart of Norwich on Gentleman’s Walk, Norwich Market is open Monday to Saturday (has altered due to Covid).

This is a melting pot of hustle and bustle for the city, a place that is alive with chatter, people’s footsteps, and delicious smells.

Stalls sell a delicious range of quality local food, including freshly cooked bread, meat, fish, chutneys and jams, plus a wide range of cheeses.

For some tasty lunch on the go, you can pick up fish & chips, sandwiches, sweets, ice cream or even a hog roast! As well as many more delicious offerings. They also display a fabulous array of goods and services; whether you’re searching for children’s toys, jewellery, clothes, household goods, flowers, keys cut, or shoes mended, the market has it all!
As one of the biggest and oldest open-air markets in the country, its rich heritage and traditional appearance are sure to charm you.

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