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Where to find the best Romantic Restaurant in Norwich.

Think about what makes a great place to eat and you’ll understand why The Last Wine Bar Restaurant has captured the hearts of wine lovers like you around Norfolk. Every visit begins with a thoughtful blend of soul food and refined techniques.

Wine Bar Restaurant
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Staff always brings a memorable experience that matured over time into an unforgettable experience. The atmospheric ambience, refined menu, stylish cocktails, and relaxed atmosphere reflect a restaurant that has been elevated upon the strength of its design elements along with your tastes.

“The Last Wine Bar front of house team collaborates closely with our talented kitchen staff to provide you with a memorable experience, time and time again. ”

Photo from Trip advisor

The Last Wine Bar Restaurant is aimed at bringing people together for fun in a relaxed atmosphere. It was born out of a passion for great food and an ambition to provide our customers with the freshest and best-tasting wine that is possible.

Their clever menu offers something for everyone, whether you’re after something light and refreshing after a day out on the town or something bold and potent to drink while sitting amongst the historical and cultural attractions of Norfolk.

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