Where to go in Norfolk With Your Other Half

Where to Go in Norfolk with Your Other Half 

The most romantic city in the UK? It’s located in Norfolk county and for good reason! If you find yourself in Norfolk with your better half, then you’re about to experience the most amazing time.  

Norfolk is packed with romantic getaways, architectural wonders, and artistic splendor. The Norfolk experience is even better when you share it with your loved one. We’ve put together a list of the most incredible places for you and your partner to live it up.  

When in Norfolk you have to go to;  

The Broads National Park 

broads national park
Image credit: AboutBritain 

The broads national park is known for its serene environment. The light wind, cool atmosphere, singing birds, and thriving wildlife make it look like a movie scene. It’s one of the most romantic destinations in Norfolk. You can go for boat trips, see the rich cultural and historical sights that shaped England.  

It’s an endless upward experience that will have you reminiscing with your partner when you leave. And if you’re from out of town, we have the best private property letting just by the broads for you to rest and rejuvenate.  



Visit Escape Rooms  

Cryptic Escape

If you’re looking for an exhilarating experience for you and your partner then you’re going to love this one. Escape rooms are an adventure and thankfully Norfolk has them in an abundant supply!  

If being locked in a room full of clues and a timer spikes excitement in your relationship then you can have your fill of it at The Cryptic Escape, Puzzlescape, or Prison break out. The list is endless but these are some of the people’s favorite.  





Go Wine Tasting 

Winbirri vineyard
Image credit: Winbirri

Who doesn’t love good wine! Winbirri vineyard is perfect for that romantic wine tasting experience. The award-winning wine is produced right there at the vineyard from grapes grown on-site.

You’re surrounded by passionate farmers, beautiful scenery, and lots of wine to taste, what could be better?  



Walk through Elm Hill  

Elm Hill 
Image Credit: Theenglishexp. 

The magical Elm Hill will take you both on a magical journey back in time. As you experience the beauty of ancient buildings and cobbled streets, you’ll be in awe.  

The street is a stunning blend of old houses from the 20th century, antique shops, restaurants, and historic sites. There’s no dull moment on Elm street, you and your partner will get a full Norfolk artistic experience 





Sainsbury Center for Visual Art 

Sainsbury If you and your partner are art lovers, you’re in for a ride. Sainsbury center for visual art is a world-class establishment where art is available for free viewing.

Connect with artwork from all over the world and experience history like you never have. From the exterior to the interior Sainsbury center is captivating.  

The architectural wonder will please lovers of art and rich culture. This center does justice to the world of art, you and your partner will be super pleased.  


As we always say; the wonder that is Norfolk cannot be experienced in a day, that said we have the best private property for you to stay while in Norfolk. Our range of properties are readily available for your stay. Enjoy warmth, comfort and top notch hospitality. Book us now!  




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