Where to take your Partner to Romantic Dinner in Norwich

This restaurant with wine at its core focuses on the dishes that pair best with red rosé and stunning local produce. Their approach is simple: focus on the food, wine, and ambience that is created around an incredibly approachable concept.

Photo from Wine Cellar Norwich

For us finding the right wine can be like escaping everyday life and stepping into a dimension of sensory delight. The Wine Cellar is that place—a haven of sensory delights dripping with ambience and filled with the aromas and flavours of the best wines.

Photo from Wine Cellar Norwich

The Wine Cellar is a hidden gem in the heart of Norwich, which in our opinion deserves more recognition. Norwich has a lot of going on every day and that makes it a great place to visit after all of the activities, so if you are visiting Norwich for a football match or just for vacation this has to be one of your goals to visit while you are here. We selected this location not only because of its great ambience but also because it was relatively easy to find it and the service is amazing.

The Wine Cellar is a perfect place to mingle and socialise with like-minded people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. I started going to this cafe because of its location, easy to get to from any part of the city centre, and the amazing staff who took the time to make sure I had a memorable experience on my first visit here. Foodies are always looking for new and unusual places to eat, and when they find ones where locals hang out and socialise, they tend to rave about them…

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