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4 Unusual Things to Do in Norwich Suggested by Locals

Norwich, the interesting city of castles, cathedrals, and undercrofts has more fun to offer than what meets the eyes. Popularly known for its pubs, Norwich boasts amazing history and diverse cultural artefacts. In fact, it was the second city in the United Kingdom to be offered the ‘City of Literature status. This bubbling city can exhaust you if what you’re looking for is a fun and unusual activity. If you’re a lover of all things abnormal and unusual, then you would love this list we have curated just for you, coming straight from the mouth of locals.

plantation garden
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1. Norwich Plantation Garden

Like some places in Norwich, there’s a fascinating backstory to this majestic Victorian garden. In the 19th century, one Henry Trevor who was an upholsterer took one look at his work quarry and got bored. He turned his boredom into motivation and entered into a renovating spree. Trevor spent the next forty years of his life building a mini aristocratic Victorian country estate. He put a lot of thought into where every block of wood would be placed, what kind of plants to plant and where, it was a highly meticulous process that produced the truly breathtaking horticultural wonder in Norwich today. On some days the garden hosts mind-blowing events like fireworks displays, concerts and even an outdoor cinema.

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2. Take A Walk

This is not just any walk! It’s a walk along the riverwalk of the beautiful River Wensum. This walk comes with its beautiful parks, along the banks of River Wensum, lies Cow Tower, a late 1300’s tower built as a watchtower and safe house because of a threat made by France back in the day. The tower wound up getting attacked and almost destroyed and efforts to renovate it made it even worse, so it was left alone. Still, a beautiful sight to behold, the 623 years old tower decorates the pathway of the Wensum River. Well, if you decide to not take a walk, you can also see the Cow Tower and also the Bishop Bridge from the hop on and hop off bus.

Norwich ghost walk
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3. Ghost Walking

You read that right! If you’re looking for something unusual and fun, the locals claim this is undoubtedly one of the best experiences you’re going to have when in Norwich. The city is packed with history and not all the historical stories are flowers and sunshine. There are stories of witches and all sorts of creepy history, the ShadowCaster leads the walk on Tuesdays and Thursdays from the Adam and Eve Pub. Every medieval city has its ghost walk but Norwich’s is unique and downright eerie, plus you get to see all of the beautiful structures and colourful streets that make Norwich the most complete medieval city in the entire United Kingdom. To participate in the walk, simply show up at the Pub at 7:30 pm with 8 pounds in hand and you can get your Norwich experience of a lifetime.

Gin Distillery Tour
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4. Go for a Gin Distillery Tour

Bullard’s Gin is a well-known bestselling gin and it is distilled right here in Norwich, while others go checking out museums and castles, you can be learning all about how gin becomes gin and of course getting a taste of the precious drink. The gin distillery tour holds on Thursdays and Saturdays, so if your stay in Norwich falls on one of those days you should definitely put this at the top of your list.



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