7 Reasons Why Norfolk Broads Is The World’s Finest Fishing Destination 

The pandemic stopped us from ticking off our bucket lists. But the tremendous success of vaccine rollout makes us plan our next staycation in the Norfolk UK.

Well, avid anglers don’t run the train of thoughts any longer – the Broads shapes their ultimate holiday break. Here are seven reasons why it is so!


1. Broads is the nation’s pride

Broadland is the gleaming jewel in Norfolk’s crown. With 125 miles of navigable waterways connected with chalk rivers and shallow lakes, this National Park is the largest protected wetland Britain has to offer.

Are you willing to hook a prize-winning fish? Dock the Broads, cast a line, jig up and down, and land it!


2. Haven of free fishing spots

As long as you carry a current Environment Agency License, fishing is mostly permit-free for you. However, finding an ideal peg to hunt exotic specimens is a demanding task.

  • Barton Turf (Ant), Coltishall (Bure), Martham Ferry (Thurne), Whitlingham (Yare), and Fakenham (Wensum) are favourite river banks.
  • Potter Heigham and Acle Bridge are rewarding places for non-tidal fishing.
  • Wroxham provides a comprehensive family adventure.
  • View all free locations on the Broads.


3. Diverse marine and wildlife

North Norfolk is a sanctuary of thriving biodiversity and more than a quarter of the rarest wildlife in the UK. Water bodies cater to the incredible variety of roach, bream, rudd, eel, tench, perch, and large carps and pikes for you to hook.

Also, roaming seals and flying beetles, moths, and butterflies provide a cordial company.


4. Reflection of region’s rich history

Norwich sits in the centre of the freshwater river network, making Broads one-of-a-kind. It was a hub of trading and development under Normans.

Also, the Broads are artificial and a result of expansive peat diggings throughout the 13th century. While fishing from the banks, you’ll witness the intriguing past because each hamlet and town entails it.


5. Traditional capital of fishing events

Norfolk Broads features more tackle shops than grocery stores. It’s definitive proof of this venue’s supremacy in the fishing realm.

The coarse fishing season runs from mid-June to mid-march. Apart from series matches, private clubs hold exclusive tournaments as well. If you’re a serious angler and want to meet like-minded buddies, join Norwich-based fishing clubs.


6. Spectacular backdrop

Fishing is an activity of patience. To tuck in that delicious BBQ, you must wait for subtle strikes and successful retrieves.

A breathtaking landscape with appealing flora and fauna helps your mind stay focused. And as it happens, Norfolk Broads is a paragon of the stunning landscape. After angling ventures, a boating tour through scenic villages and vineyards is also a must.


7. Affordable homes in Norwich 

Fishing adventure doesn’t conclude in a day or two. Meanwhile, you need budget-friendly and laid-back accommodation after a fun day out.

We host an extraordinary range of private living spaces at the heart of Norfolk Broads. Get a home in Norwich under serene couple getaways. Or enter Branford Rest and Rooftop Garden with your whole party.


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