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All of our seven choices for best romantic restaurants in Norwich

If you’re looking for a romantic restaurant in Norwich, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed and ranked the best romantic restaurants in Norwich according to reviews on TripAdvisor.

There are a huge number of romantic restaurants in Norwich and each one is unique. While it may be easy for some people to make a decision, not everyone has the time or the money it takes to try them all. This is why we want to share with you some of the best romantic restaurants in Norwich.


Norwich Roger Hickman's
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1. One of our choice without in any particular order is Roger Hickman’s Restaurant, in Upper St Giles Street (Book a table Here)

One of the best romantic restaurants in Norwich that we recommend for couples is Roger Hickman’s. If you want to experience something new you should head here. Food is definitely a big factor behind our choice but it’s not the only reason; the intimate nature of the restaurant, along with its outstanding service and fabulous atmosphere make it a special place. It wasn’t always popular but now it’s a regular haunt for some people – so order a table now.

Norwich Jorge's Restaurant
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2. Another choice from our top seven is Jorge’s Restaurant (Book a table Here)

Jorge’s Restaurant is a place that really makes you forget about all the boring things in life and makes you wish you spent more time with those special people in your life. A place like Jorge’s Restaurant in Norwich, featuring long tables for two, small plates but huge portions, personalized cocktails and lovely service is a must-visit.

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Photo from Bishop Dining Room

3. Bishop’s Dining Room and Wine Bar, St Andrews Hill (Book a table Here)

Bishop’s Dining Room and Wine Bar pride itself on providing customers with the best of British and European cuisine, attentive service, innovative design and delicious cocktails. They are situated on St Andrew’s Hill, which is the oldest lane in Norwich. Their geographically positioned premises make us an easy choice for those who want to grab a table for a meal or quick bite after a walk around Norwich.

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4. Benedicts, St Benedicts Street (Book a table Here)

Benedicts is one of the best restaurants in Norwich full stop – romantic or otherwise. It consistently delivers stellar food and service, and this has earned it a loyal following. I recently went there with a group of friends and let me tell you what, from start, to finish we were astonished by the staff looking after us. When you combine this with the beautiful location on St Benedicts Street, it makes for a memorable experience.

You can read more about it in our full blog about Benedicts Here.

Photo from Wine Cellar Norwich

5. The Wine Cellar, 8 Guildhall Hill (Book a table Here)

This restaurant with wine at its core focuses on the dishes that pair best with red rosé and stunning local produce. Their approach is simple: focus on the food, wine, and ambiance that is created around an incredibly approachable concept.

For us finding the right wine can be like escaping everyday life and stepping into a dimension of sensory delight. The Wine Cellar is that place—a haven of sensory delights dripping with ambience and filled with the aromas and flavours of the best wines.

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6. The Last Wine Bar, St Georges Street (Book a table Here)

The Last Wine Bar is a venue for wine lovers to share a romantic meal. It’s a beautiful venue, tucked away in the heart of Norwich— a gorgeous former shoe factory building that now acts as both an art gallery and gastronomic haven. The Last Wine Bar welcomed its first customers in 1990, it’s an intimate hang out with low tables overlooking the restaurant from the main street.

You can read more about it in our full blog about The Last Wine Bar Here.

Photo from Italia Nostra

7. Italia Nostra, St Giles Street (No reservations needed)

Italia Nostra is an excellent romantic restaurant in Norwich, which has a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. It is located in a heart of Norwich city centre within walking distance to all other attractions.

In my opinion, romantic restaurants need to have a certain character which can only be achieved by having a small group of people who come together to have a good time. Therefore I would’ve had a taste of Italy on my first visit here, following which I would’ve wanted to come back more frequently.

You can read more about it in our full blog about Italia Nostra Here.

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