Feel the romantic atmosphere of this Norwich restaurant.

Jorge’s is one of the most romantic restaurants in Norwich – an easily overlooked but definitely stunning restaurant for an unforgettable experience when you are joining for a romantic lunch or dinner. All of our seven choices for best romantic restaurants in Norwich have something in common and that is why they are all perfect choices for couples who are looking for something special when planning their next anniversary or even just to get out and about for a weekend adventure.

Jorge's Norwich restaurant
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One of our choices from our top seven is Jorge’s Restaurant (Book a table Here)


This was one of our seven choices for the best romantic restaurants in Norwich. You wouldn’t believe how good this place is. Service was at a good pace and the food was excellent. The whole atmosphere was relaxed and intimate and you will enjoy the time visiting Jorge’s Restaurant.


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Jorge’s Restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes originating from Portuguese. They do specialise in seafood & steakhouse dishes. The restaurant is situated in the heart of the city centre, within walking distance from the forum and Norwich Market.

Photo from OpenTable

I’m going to confess something: I love romantic restaurants. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons why I got into blogging—to find the best places in Norwich and Norfolk to eat share the experience with others.

A place that really makes you forget about all the boring things in life and makes you wish you spent more time with those special people in your life. A place like Jorge’s Restaurant in Norwich, featuring long tables for two, small plates but huge portions, personalized cocktails and lovely service is a must-visit.



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