Norwich Cathedral

Get Lost In Norwich: A blog about the best places to visit while in the city alone

Norwich is a historic, vibrant city that offers something for everyone with fantastic shops, award-winning restaurants, and stylish hotels. Located just over a few hours away from London and 30 minutes from the coast, Norwich is an easy day trip by train, car, or bus. Once here, it’s easy to explore its beautiful cathedral as well as the Castle Museum, City Hall, and the many other museums in the city.

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Plantation Garden Preservation Trust

One of the most popular gardens in the city, it has long flourished in its natural surroundings. Plantation garden attracts both city folk and visitors seeking tranquillity in the midst of cities. It offers a rare opportunity to reflect on the fleeting nature of our existence, while also being able to enjoy its serenity and beauty. 

Visitors come from as far as London and as close as Cromer, seeking a glimpse of what this gem has to offer. For some, the experience is simply relaxing and beautiful; others discover something new about this city which is steeped in history and traditions yet retains much of its charm.

Norwich Marble Hall

Marble Hall

While walking down St Stephen’s Street, you’d never know that Marble Hall existed. Away from the crowds off the busy main road, take a right into Surrey Street to find Surrey House – the largest public house in Norwich (and once considered the most likely to house a vampire). 

Inside – hidden amongst the bricks and mortar – you’ll find a quirky mix of vintage furniture, antiques and art, all given a nostalgic makeover.

Free entry. Hidden gem. The doors close at 6pm.


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South Asia Collection Museum & Shop

A visit to Norwich is often an opportunity to see something new and different. Norwich may be on the map as the tourism capital of the UK but it is also home to some fascinating galleries, historical sights and vibrant new shops. The South Asia collection museum is a must-visit place when in the city and provides an engaging insight into the cultures of several countries and peoples.



Photo from Norwich Art Shop

Upper St Giles

St Giles is unique in that it doesn’t feel like a typical tourist destination; it feels like a sleepy village hidden among big city characteristics. You need to get lost in Norwich to get to this point and that needs to be reflected in the way you’re exploring it. 

This isn’t just about discovering local sights and cultures but discovering the city through its architecture and the people who live there; you need to get lost in its fabric too — its history and personality.



Norwich is a historic city that provides an exciting mix of history and culture. This amazing city offers plenty to discover for all types of visitors. Whether you’re here for business or looking to explore the rich history and heritage of the city, you won’t be disappointed if treated yourself to a stay in one of the “Ginger and Gold” properties here.

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