Visit Norfolk’s Trending Private Lakes To Unleash Your Fishing Passion This Summer

Norfolk is an angler’s paradise. Dozens of countryside lakes tempt amateurs as well as seasoned trawlers to go fishing at the rivers’ mouth.

Whether you’re willing to troll crankbaits or use attractive spinners in shallow areas, the private sanctuaries near Norwich are waiting to fulfil your fantasies. Below is the list of the top five lakes you must include in your bucket list of Norfolk’s fishing trip.


Photo from Anglian Water Parks

Taverham Mills

Distance from Norwich: 7 miles northwest

Taverham is a cluster of family-friendly activities spanning over 100 acres just outside of Norwich. Four spectacular lakes promise every rodman a double-figure catch with sweeping views of the mill pool on the River Wensum.

This nature reserve of Anglian Water Parks has several walkways, cycling tracks, and Instagram-worthy vantage points for kiddos to have great fun.

Also, visitors to Mills Lake can claim syndicate membership and if you are looking for accommodation we suggest checking out Nursery Rest or Chapel Break -these choices are the most popular among people coming to Norwich for a fishing trip.



Photo from Anglingdirect

Billingford Lakes

Distance from Norwich: 20 miles west

Billingford Complex is more of a professional venue. If you’re looking to participate in tournaments, this 250-acre property invites you to the not-so-wild west of Norfolk.

You’ll have nine well-stocked lakes, a one-mile stretch of the River Wensum, and a few competitors to keep you entertained all day. They deliver endless opportunities – fly fishing, baitcasting, spinning, and beyond.

From smallmouth to 40lb carps, many species are looking for a hook.



Photo from TripAdvisor

Cobbleacre Lakes

Distance from Norwich: 11 miles north

Lake fishing is an internally diverse realm. Cobbleacre Park – featuring multipurpose fishing lakes and expansive caravan pitches surrounded by idyllic woodland – suits all levels of anglers.

The site launched three decades ago as a farm pond is now a dreamland to die-heart fishers. The park has five lakes ranging from specimen carp to gigantic 80lb Mario’s lake.

Tickets are divided into three categories: £10 for a day, £15 for a night, and £20 for overnight reservations.



Photo from Reepham Fishery

Reepham Fishery

Distance from Norwich: 13 miles northwest

The private setting of Reepham Fisheries is where open waters pale. Located half a mile away from ancient Reepham market, this concave of four spring-fed lakes and a small pond is the cosiest coarse fishing spot in all of England.

Although it welcomes day-trippers and pleasure anglers, it is predominantly an event holder. You can expect souvenir shops, restrooms, and furnished lodges within walking distance from lakes.



Photo from Taswoodlakes

Taswood Lakes

Distance from Norwich: 10 miles south

Taswood lakes fish farm nestles in the staggering Tas valley within a 20-minute drive from Norwich.

It hosts four Stillwater fishing lakes: Spring, Grove, Heron, and Broadwing – the former two spots are runs waters while the latter hides heavy carp to test your prowess at £10 a day.

Well-stocked lakes are friendly for all hunters. And toilet facilities are present too.




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