Why Norwich is The Most Romantic Place

Why Norwich is The Most Romantic Place

Romantic destinations are places with an endless list of things couples can do to have peak fun. When it comes to romantic locations, beautiful restaurants, and memorable activities Norwich is loaded. So, the city was not declared the most romantic city in the UK for no  reason.  

Foxy Bingo conducted a study where cities in the UK were ranked according to the number of romantic restaurants, hotels and things to do. Norwich bagged the top spot with the best ranking in all of the categories created effortlessly because of its diverse depth.  

The Norwich cathedral came out as the best destination for couples to experience pleasure. During the study about 70 activities for love birds were identified as well as picturesque locations for romantic getaways.  

So why did Norwich come out on top over big cities like Oxford and London? And why should Norwich be at the top of your romantic getaway list


The Norwich Cathedral 

Norwich Cathedral 
Image credit: Norwich Cathedral 


Of course this had to come on top of the list. It’s every couples favorite for spending ample romantic time together.

Couples can take walks along the riverside and enjoy the beautiful architecture of the cathedral.  




 Plantation Garden  

Plantation Garden
Image credit: TripAdvisor  

The beautiful plantation garden is the stunning home to different species of plants and a great picnic spot for lovebirds.

Pack a bag full of bites and enjoy the green scenery accentuated by the old building in the background.  




Art Centers and Museums 

Sainsbury art center
Image credit: Norwich360 

 For lovers of art and history from around the world, the art centers and museums in Norwich will not disappoint you. The Sainsbury art center is a people’s favorite for exploring.

View stunning pieces of art from renowned artists all over the world. The medieval Norwich castle meets its visitors with a beautiful museum and the Museum of Norwich at Bridewell has its renowned 20th century chemist.  



Historic and Artistic Buildings  

Artistic Buildings
Image credit:  TheEnglishExperience


Norwich has an abundant supply of history. Houses built in the 19th century, Victorian buildings with their antique designs and furniture make the entire city picturesque.

Elm Hill is an example of this, the cobbled streets and the magnificent buildings are enjoyable for lovers of historical architecture.  



Mousehold Heath  

Mousehold Heath 
Image credit: Visit Norwich 


Mousehold Heath is every couples destination for special dinner dates and proposals and why not! The scenery, the outlook of the city from a drone like view looks like something straight out of a movie.

This is the most romantic view of the city so grab a blanket, and bites and take your partner to view the sunset from the romantic peak.  



Intimate Dining  

Intimate Dining
Image credit: NorwichTheatre Royal 

From pubs to cafes and classy restaurants, Norwich has it all.

For a romantic fine dining experience you can checkout Norwich’s best; Benedicts, for the ultimate English Pub experience The Playhouse Bar or Mysabar (in the winter) has got everyone covered.  



Romantic Stays 

Romantic Stays The best romantic stays are unarguably located in Norwich. From gorgeous rooms to sweet hospitality, you will feel like you should never leave.  

Our wide range of private property is the perfect romantic stay for you and your partner.


It’s affordable and yet so classy, a full homey experience you won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Book us now!  






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