Discover a day of family fun in Norwich with 5 activities that we tried!

Norwich city centre
Photo from Visit Norwich’s

1: We walked from Riverside to the city centre

We walked from Riverside to the city centre and the whole road I was completely speechless. The views were simply stunning.

It’s an area I’ve been wanting to visit for a while and I’m glad to say it was well worth the effort. Most exciting of all was definitely the bus tour which took us around the whole of Norwich.



Photo by: Steve Adams

2: We had a picnic in Chapelfield Gardens

The park has a children’s play area where they can burn off some energy, and plenty of open lawns to run around in. A small food stand offers coffee, snacks, and ice cream, and there is also a larger restaurant for sit down meals. 

It’s incredible to think that the park used for public benefit since at least 1655, which is more than 360 years. And it is now one of the most well-known sites in the city. It is an extremely popular tourist destination and is always bustling with locals and tourists alike.

It was designed by George Alden Stevens, a very well-respected landscape architect of his time. He was inspired by parks on the continent and wanted to bring something more modern to Norwich. The gardens are the earliest surviving ornamental public open space in Norwich.



Photo from Visit Norwich

3: We visited the cathedral…

Look out for medieval graffiti which was uncovered in 2013 during a Norfolk Medieval Graffiti Survey. Some of the graffiti etched into stone depicts ships and ‘daisywheels’ however the messages found upside down could be a form of curse wishing bad fortune on unlucky individuals.

To find more information about Norwich Cathedral click here.




Photo by Two Traveling Texans

4: … and then walked along the river

We decided to start our walk at sunset. We walked along the river for about an hour before anyone else came along. We made our way to a viewpoint overlooking the city and took in the stunning sunset. It was so quiet and peaceful.

Sometimes I think we focus too much on what we don’t have and not enough on what we do have. We’re so caught up with wanting things that we ignore the things that are already within our grasp. In this case, the sunset views were absolutely fantastic (and free!). The walk along the river was beautiful.


Photo by BRITTANY WOODMAN – Credit: Archant

5: We finished off with a dinner at the “Gatherers”

The Gatherers was created with an open-minded approach. The idea is to create a restaurant and bar that serves only the finest vegan and organic food and drinks to help people become more conscious about the way they eat and live. 






In our opinion, Norwich is beautiful, historic and there are some amazing things to do in the area if you have time to explore. 

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