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Fun Activities for Adults in Norwich

Norwich has an endless list of activities if you’re looking to have fun and just have a great day. The greatness of the beautiful city is not just explored by visitors alone but also by locals, there are fun activities for adults in Norwich too. This Medieval town has all the range of fun activities, suiting all personality types, if you’re bubbly and fun or quiet and observant, if you’re an adventure junkie or a mix of both worlds there’s something for you to enjoy. Let’s begin with something cool for everyone.

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  1. Pub and Paddle

The perfect combination of Norwich’s beautiful scenery, calming waters, and a cup of booze. The Pub and Paddle offer you the complete paddling and boozing experience in one package. Hire yourself and your friends a canoe and go on an affordable either one-way or return trip through Norwich’s riverside. The trip costs only 12 dollars per person for a booze-filled adventure.

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  1. Visit the Norwich Arts Center

This is a must-do activity, for any adult in Norwich! When we said there’s something for everyone, we meant it! The Norwich arts centre organizes amazing shows that showcase talents from spoken word, to paintings, to serenading live music in diverse genres and even stand-up comedy. If you’re looking to reconnect with the world and yourself, the Norwich arts centre has the answer.

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  1. Sainsbury Center for Visual arts

Still, on the topic of art, Sainsbury canter for visual arts Norwich is an amazing place to connect with art from all over the world! Artwork and artifacts 5000 years old are showcased in the serenely beautiful art centre. The art center itself is a sight to behold from the outside, with it its iconic architectural build. For lovers of art, history, and architecture, you will fall in love with this place.



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  1. Cinema City

Go on a trip to the picturesque medieval house that now hosts this cosy cinema. Cinema City is a Norwich local favourite, they play lovely movies and as a very welcome bonus, they have a bar and restaurant. The complete experience is amazing and downright unique in every way, you can choose to enjoy a hot meal before or after the movie. People have said their movie range is unbeatable, from epic to iconic to blockbusters, they play it all, plus the environment will feel like a dream. So, if you love peace and quiet, bubbly and fun, you will love it.

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  1. Escape Rooms

We’ve talked cinemas, art, music now let’s talk games and mystery! Escape rooms are fast-rising all over the UK and there are more than enough Norwich Escape Rooms to keep you active for as long as you want. Buy a ticket, get locked up in a room, search for clues to escape, it’s a real mystery movie come to life. You can do this with your friends for even more fun! Here are some Escape Rooms in Norwich you can check out; The Clued Up Escape Room offering you the thrill and adventure of a bank heist to prison breaks, Norwich VR escape room First of its kind in Norwich(for some virtual reality adventure).

This is by far not an exhaustive list, as Norwich is packed with amazing things to do, one could almost never exhaust them.

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