Things To Know Before Planning A Fishing Holiday To Norfolk

Norfolk Broads is a lodestone for fisherfolk and leisure travellers alike.

This 300 sq. km fishing space is set in a breathtaking landscape. You’ll find permit-free banks, private coarse lakes, and world-class carp fishing opportunities – tourist attractions in Norwich are a plus!

If you’re heading east for a great pastime, there are few things to get straight besides casting a line. You must adhere to this guide for avoiding trouble down the shores.

License Requirements

Anyone above the age of 12 should get a trout, coarse fish, and eel license to angle on the Broads. If you don’t have one, consult the Environment Agency or PO branch in your county.

You must show a valid license at the time of angling. Failing to which will incur a £2500 penalty.

Free Moorings

Norfolk Broads is well-loved for its idyllic moors. From the mouth of River Bure to the western stretches of River Wensum, you’ll have plenty of spots to bait the hook free of cost.

Still, many sections are private properties or conservation areas. Fishing on private lakes without the landowner’s permission can put you in dire straits. Therefore, look for signposts or contact the Broads Authority.

View official angling access map.

Fishing Techniques

Use open-end feeders in heavy currents of Broad Rivers. Overall, float, feeder, and ledger fishing are successful. But the action and sensitivity of your rod, along with the type of bait, will vary with the target species.

If using keepnet while boat fishing, secure it tightly and avoid overcrowding. Also, use fish-friendly gears such as micro barbed hooks and biodegradable lures.


There are multiple fisheries with accommodation throughout Norfolk. However, they cost exuberantly high. The more intelligent decision is to book a self-catering home in Norwich which lies in the centre of East Anglia.

Ginger and Gold provides first-rate properties that suit your lifestyle. After a day out wrestling, you’re guaranteed a comfy night sleep at the Townhouse, St. Benedict’s View, or Yoxford House.

Tackle Shops

You should bring ledger tip rods with light spinning reels, monolines (4-12 lb), and various sizes of baits. Tackle stores exist almost everywhere in Norfolk.

If you’re travelling with light baggage, get your hands on essential equipment after settling in Norwich. Go through this list of a few shops. You can also order delivery to your reserved homes in our portfolio.

Freshwater Species

Norfolk flaunts diverse marine life. Following are the fish you must lure to score your PB.

  • Roach – the lover of slow-running streams
  • Bream – the underwater bat
  • Rudd – a rare and can’t-miss species with golden flanks
  • Tench – the décor of Eurasian aquariums
  • Perch – sensitive to light, quick to hide
  • Carp – cause of region’s unbeatable dominance
  • Pike – the challenger of expertise

Safety Measures

Take a litter home, a life-saving jacket, and whistle when boating. Also, don’t forget hydration and sun protection. Lastly, keep your line and baits away from the birds.

Broads is dominantly a wetland surrounded by slippery pastures. Research the location before accompanying children, elderly, or disabled people.


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