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Where to go for Bowling, Games and other activities to do in Norfolk

Norwich is not just some medieval town with nothing but cathedrals and castles, it’s a perfect city because of its blend of ancient and new. If you love fun activities like gaming and bowling then we have an amazing list of places you will enjoy. From bowling to trampoline jumps to retro arcade games Norwich is the city that has it all. Let’s begin with Bowling!


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Bowling House

Bowling house offers free bowling for anyone who dines with them! It’s a combination of bowling, great food, and a great ambience. Perfect for individuals and families, the bowling house also offers a karaoke space for hire if you’re interested in singing your voice out after a healthy meal and the swinging of heavy bowling balls.





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Hollywood Bowl Norwich

A much bigger bowling centre with 26 bowling lanes, Hollywood bowl offers even more activities for its visitors to immerse themselves in. From the endless row of bowling lanes to arcade games that will take you back in time, the Hollywood bowl Norwich gives you the complete gaming experience. There’s even a pool table and of course a place to grab a bite so that your energy stays at its peak.



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Super Bowl UK Norwich

The bowling list is endless, but we have filled ours with only the best! Super Bowl UK Norwich offers a ten-pin bowling game that is open to all. Kids and amateurs of all rankings are welcome to give bowling a shot. They also have a SEGA arcade zone where you can relive your childhood and a softball area for the little kids to have their fun. It’s a complete package for single and family people.


Had your fill of bowling yet? Now let’s talk games!



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Retro Replay Norwich

Do you want a real blast from the past? Then you should visit Retro Replay Norwich, they have a whole lineup of retro games which you can play endlessly and the best tweak of all? You decide when it’s game over! Games from the ’80s and ’90s dominate this space, upstairs you can find fight games like Tekken and Streetfight then downstairs welcomes you with Nintendo’s and Sega ready for you to play. The special thing about Retro Replay Norwich is that for 10 pounds you get all-day access to their grounds, to play as you like. You can go and return as you please, as long as they’re open and it is that same day. They remain open all day every day.


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Quasar Norwich

If you are a fan of laser tags or looking to explore then you would love this! Quasar Norwich gives you the best laser tag experience, painless and harmless infrared lights, just for fun. Quasar doesn’t mix ages, so you may have to go there without kids, but the kids are not left out of the fun as weekend sessions are dedicated to them and them alone. It’s affordable and it’s fun, you’ll be happy you experienced it.

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